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Temperature Data Logger
Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

1.High accuracy and stability;

2.small-sized, low-weighted,easy to carry and stick;

3.Bluetooth 5.0;

4.Built-in highly sensitive temperature sensor;

5.It can store 8640 pieces of temperature data(when the storage space is full, the first 512 pieces of data will be overwritten);

6.History report can be sent to specified email;

7.By pairing Bluetooth printer to print the data report.
Single-use PDF/CSV Temp Data Logger

1. Low-cost one button operation disposable waterproof (IP67) USB temperature data logger;

2. No need any software to take the PDF/CSV report;

Hand Held Thermometer

1. High measurement accuracy;

2. Good stability;

3. Wide range;

4. Excellent performance, such as the temperature overrun alarm, calibration, maximum value/minimum value/average display, and more information display of oversized line screens;

5. Compatible with a variety of probes, such as: TC604/602 is compatible with Type-K, Type-T, Type-J, PTD602 compatible with PT100 and PT1000.
Multi-use USB Temp&RH Data Logger

1. Multi-use USB temperature and humidity data logger;

2. Statistics available on LCD display;

3. Reprogrammable software for user-defined parameter, no need any software to take the PDF and CSV file.
Single-use Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

1. Bluetooth temperautre data logger, data graphic available on phone;

2. Bluetooth 5.0;

3. Real-time display, can store 53248pcs data.
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