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Temperature Data Logger
Bluetooth Temp&RH Data Logger

1. Bluetooth temperautre and humidity data logger, data graphic available on phone;

2. Bluetooth 5.0 (Nordic Chip) - high accuracy Switzerland SHT20 Temp&RH sensor;

3. Real-time display, can store 32000pcs data.
Wifi Temperature(&RH) Data Logger

1.Widely use in refrigerator,warehouse;

2.Real-time uploads of data to cloud via WIFI;

3.Without any software to generate the PDF report;

4.With buzzer alarm funciton when the temperature exceeds the limit;

Single-use PDF Temp&RH Data Logger with LCD display

1.Widely use in logistics,fruit;

2.Support configure by free software;

3.Statistics available on LCD screen;

Ultra Low Temp Data Logger

1.Bluetooth and USB connection;

2.Flight mode for air transportation;

3.Large LCD screen with powerful indicatiors;

4.FDA 21 CFR Part11,CE,EN12830,RoHS,NIST traceable calibration.
Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger (with external sensor)

1. Bluetooth temperautre data logger, data graphic available on phone;

2. Bluetooth 4.1 (Nordic Chip) - high accuracy NTC Temp sensor (external sensor), large measuring range;

3. Real-time display, can store 12000pcs data.
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